The wonders of walking your cat on a leash, a beginners guide Vol 1

To some the idea of walking your cat on a leash is preposterous but to the curious and engaged it is a pastime of kings! The key is to start when they are of the age where resistance is futile – the younger the kitten the easier the pupil to this fine art. If the cat in question is of advanced years then this is not the reason to despair – a battle of wills may scupper early attempts but persevere.

Begin with selecting a harness of suitable size – with room to grow. Don’t be seduced by the ease of just using a collar and lead – this will fail you at first road test. I have found the Puppia (dog) harness the best in breed for the job and they come in a variety of colours. Camouflage adds a certain urban chic I’m sure you will agree?

Most cats will struggle on first introduction to a harness, but be strong, this is to be expected.  Ensure the leash is firmly held without too much slack, beckon your cat by any means at your disposal and being to walk. If they follow then you have a natural.


2 responses to “The wonders of walking your cat on a leash, a beginners guide Vol 1

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