The wonders of walking your cat on a leash, a beginners guide Vol 2

So by now you should have chosen your desired colour and make of harness and broached the task of introducing your cat to the fitting of said harness. Now for the great outdoors.

I would recommend identifying a nearby area of suitable tranquility – for those lucky enough to have a garden then this is perfect, for urban flat based dwellers even a quiet patch of pavement or even a corridor will do. Some cats will take to this new experience better than others – welcome distractions in the shape of pigeons, trees and natural foliage of surrounding hedges or walls will provide much needed reassurance to your feline companion.

Initially let your cat walk you – don’t give them too much freedom on the leash – especially if busy streets are in close proximity. Be aware of your surroundings – loud noises, dogs and all kinds of abstract interferences may startle and scare even though most streetwise and bold cat. Speak to your cat – any level of chatter is  positively encouraged for beginner and seasoned pro alike. Talking is comforting and helps to build a rapport with your pet – don’t be fooled – they can understand even the subtlest forms of communication and will be increasingly looking to you, their owner for encouragement and direction on your walks together.

Patience is a virtue – remember this at all times on your first voyages together – your cat may demonstrate a total apathy at your carefully purchased harness in all its finery and splendor, dont harbour ill feelings over this slight, accept that they will gradually grow to admire your foresight of such pursuits. Patience is also key in the inevitable sniffing and glancing around that may take up a large amount of these early excursions. Learn to use this time for inner reflection, channel your inclination to tug that leash into a mediation on Tulip Mania in the Dutch Golden Age or something equally stimulating.


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