Ricardo Mayorga – the craziest man in sport

It’s easy to write off someone as wildly entertaining as Ricardo Mayorga as a sideshow in boxing – mad, bad, trash talking ‘El Matador’ is everything but ordinary. 

Ricardo Mayorga

To write him off would be to ignore the pedigree of the opposition he has faced – Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley, Felix Trinidad and Fernando Vargas to name but a handful. At his finest the Nicaraguan bad boy Mayorga was throw back to the good old days of real fighters, taking on everything with scant regard for manners and rules.

Ricardo Mayorga Ring Magazine Cover

There are many enjoyable highlights from Mayorga’s career – frequent press conference brawls, childish taunting of his opponents (see below video of his exchange with Vargas), a habit of letting fighters take clean open shots on his head in pure macho demonstration of his strength! His heavy smoking – while training goes against every tenant of boxing fitness but somehow Mayorga made it part of his persona.

Mayorga will probably be remembered for his losses to truly great fighters and his defection to the Mixed Martial Arts as a fringe contender there. His boxing style was certainly not the sweet science in action – he was a pure street fighting brawler, windmilling punches and hoping for the best. He was enjoyable to watch though and you always knew there would be a proper tear up if he was fighting and for that we should salute his contribution to boxing!


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