Once more for glory – Vazquez and Marquez to fight for a fourth time!

Styles make fights so goes the old adage and never has a saying been so personified than by the three and now upcoming fourth encounter of Israel Vazquez and Rafael Marquez.  

Israel Vasquez Rafael Marquez  

Lets be clear here – this is something special, this isn’t about the money, it’s not about fame, their fights together transcend the sport, transcend what human beings should endure in the name of entertainment. These men are warriors who have left everything in the ring and are now poised to do it all over again for a fourth time.  

Boxing has some famous trilogies in the lighter weight classes – Gatti Ward, Morales Barrera and Morales Pacquiao to name but three. If you had to ask me my top choice to take to a desert island on DVD it would be Vazquez and Marquez in a heart beat.  

Vasquez Marquez

Una vez más!

The fourth fight puts up a lot of mixed feeling for me – it will be great to see these two Mexican fighters go at it again – but the physical effect of these heavy fights must be making its mark on both. Prior to a couple of warmup fights both had been out of action after their third fight for over a year and half due to injuries – detached retinas and the like from their three previous fights. Vazquez currently hold the two key victories but scorecards should be thrown out the window when you are dealing with close fought ferocity that is brought to the table by these two men.  

Check out just a taste of blood and guts fighting from the fourth round of their second fight below: 


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