The soap opera life of Edwin Valero

Edwin Valero always brings excitement. The excitement is not always saved for the fans watching his fights – it’s often the main event in his life outside of the ring too. 

Edwin Valero

Edwin Valero

The fighter universally recognised as the most dangerous puncher in boxing and muted as a future opponent for everyone from Manny Pacquiao to Ricky Hatton is currently under lock and key by court order in a Venezuelan rehab facility for ‘alcohol and drug dependency’. 

The events leading to his incarceration vary greatly but the essentials as far as I could glean from various news reports were that Valero’s wife took a “fall” down a flight of stairs and suffered some broken ribs and punctured lung. Valero by all accounts turned up at the hospital in a wild state and had to be forcibly restrained – no easy task I would imagine. 

The WBC has given Valero champion in recess status while he is locked up – presumably to earn a few more dollars from fights while he is away from boxing. Rumours have abounded that Valero is poised to be released much earlier than his six month sentence but as of writing he is still firmly detoxing by order of the courts. 

What is certain is that Valero’s life both inside and out of the ring continues to be an excercise in drama, aggression and wild emotions. Who knows what will be next – for now lets hope he has a swift recovery and returns to the ring as planned.

Don’t bet on anything involving Valero to be straightforward though, this is one soap opera where the ending is anything but textbook.


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