Kaikai Kiki – Japan’s version of a Warhol art factory

Just what is Kaikai Kiki, well in the words of its creator and founder Takashi Murakami its “an internationally-recognized, large-scale art production and artist management corporation, employing over 100 people in its offices and studios in Hiroo, Tokyo and Long Island City, New York, as well as in its new animation studio in Daikanyama, Tokyo”.

The artist’s making up this corporation are Takashi Murakami, Aya Takano, Chiho Aoshima, Mr., Chinatsu Ban, Rei Sato and Akane Koide. By far and away the most important feature is Murakami though – he sits atop of the pile like a guru in much the same way Warhol presided over his Factory in New York.

Check out some of Mr and Chiho Aoshima’s work below:

mr strawberry voice 2007

Mr. 'Strawberry Voice' 2007

mr starting over 2007

Mr. 'Starting Over'

chiho aoshima japanese apricot 3 - a pink dream

Chiho Aoshima 'Japanese apricot 3 - a pink dream'


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