Hagler vs Hearns 25 years on – one of the greatest fights ever.

Ferocity personified – thats is how I remember the first round of Hagler vs Hearns at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, April 15, 1985.

thesweetscience.com has published an article on this fight that I am loath to try to better it, below excerpt from the article sets the clip up but check out the full piece here:

Nearly a quarter century later it remains a high point of boxing in the latter half of the twentieth century. Some knowledgeable experts have described it as the greatest fight in boxing history – which it probably wasn’t, if only due to its brevity. But its ferocious first round, which to this day remains the standard against which all others are measured, was undoubtedly the most exciting in middleweight annals, and one of the two or three best opening stanzas of all time.

What did Bob Arum know that the rest of us did not? Already in the midst of an age in which it had already become obligatory to sell every big fight – and many smaller ones – with a catchy slogan, the promoter who had already staged (with Don King) the Thrilla in Manila, as well as served as the impresario for Evel Knievel’s ill-fated attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon, christened the 1985 matchup between Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Thomas Hearns simply “The Fight.”

Events proved Arum prescient. It was, indeed, The Fight.


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