Kessler reborn as champion

Last time I wrote about Kessler the jury was very much out on what he had left in the tank after a long career and some heavy fights.

Kessler was poised to meet Britain’s Carl Froch for the Super Six Boxing Classic and most pundits speculated that Kessler was a spent force and that Froch would gradually break him down. What happened was something quite different though – Kessler convincingly toughed it out and produced the crisper, cleaner, sharper and frankly better boxing to take Froch’s WBC belt and put himself right back in contention for the Super Six contest.

This was a real Rocky fight, Kessler showed the Viking heart he is famous for, he took some real punishment and whatever can be said to detract from Froch (and there is plenty) he can definitely punch. Kessler isnt the fighter he once was – he gets hit far more than he used to, his speed isn’t quite the same, but whats left and the ring smarts that he’s learnt over the years mean Kessler continue to make him a force to be reckoned with. I for one am pleased he proved the doubters wrong.


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