World class brutality – Manchester’s John Murray

It’s easy to knock British boxing sometimes – the American scene has more money, TV coverage and hype around its up and coming fighters certainly. But for anyone that was watching boxing this weekend in Britain you had good cause to feel very good about what we are producing – Stateside in the heavily touted light middleweight contest between Paul ‘the punisher’ Williams and Kermit Cintron turned out to be an appalling snooze fest at best, and that was until Cintron tripped and fell through the ropes and the fight was waived off! This was prize fighting at its worst.
By contrast John Murray’s decidedly more low-key fight in Widnes against Gary Buckland provided eleven brutal rounds of blood, sweat and heart. There wasnt even a world title at stake here, Murray’s British and Lonsdale titles were on the line and the European title was up for grabs but both fighters gave far more than required in the brutality stakes for mere belts or money.
John Murray

John Murray

John Murray’s career has been at times a slow burner, at 25 he has suffered from inactivity over the last year and has seen proposed opponents fall by the wayside. Such obvious frustrations have masked the real talent Murray possesses though – he is a throw back fighter, a tough, brawling hard man who comes to the ring with a look of pure concentrated intent to break apart his opposition. Murray reminds me often of Ricky Hatton – there is something in the way he goes about his business, the come forward attacking, the body shots the rough and tough style that has many a shade of Hatton about it. Murray trains at Hatton’s old Manchester gym too – under new owner Joe Gallagher, but with the Hatton glory days conditioner Kerry Kayes. 

World title honours await Murray if he continues to dismantle his foes in the style of his recent fights, I personally feel he has been dreadfully promoted – he has the style and fan base to really become a popular hero from that home of heros Manchester, but all too often he has languished on small shows in far-flung Northern places. Murray has brought us some fine nights of boxing though – he retired Jon Thaxton, wrecked Lee McAllister on a body shot (see the video above) and has won all 26 of his fights inside the distance.

Here is hoping Murray can continue his winning streak and move into world title contention. The lightweight division is packed with talent at domestic and world level – from Juan Manuel Marquez to Kevin Mitchell, but I believe Murray can shine. One thing is for certain as long as Murray turns up you can guarentee a cracking fight. For Manchester fighters Ricky Hatton has blased the path for brawlers, perhaps John Murray can follow in such popular footsteps over time.

John Murray


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