Emeco Navy Chair

Emeco Navy Chair

Emeco Navy Chair

The Navy Chair – raw functional design, stealth luxury at its best and yours in 80% recycled aluminum for around £440.This simple metal chair was originally produced for the US Navy in 1944 as a practical and indestructible piece of furniture. 

Made by Emeco, the aluminum chair is hand welded and hand brushed for a warm, uniform finish. The chair’s weld lines are natural and always visible adding to the character of this historic chair. They range from very light to slightly darker than the adjoining surface. This is French designer Jean-Marie Massaud’s favorite chair, who describes it as a glamorous masterpiece. 

Emeco’s company slogan is: 

“We make chairs. That’s what we do.
Handmade from 80% recycled Aluminum.
It’s not easy. In fact it takes 77 steps to get there.
Designed to last for 150 years.
Now that’s what we call sustainability.” 

Their recent collaboration with Coca Cola to produce the 111 Navy Chair – made from 111 recycled plastic Coke bottles takes the vision of the iconic Navy chair forwards. 

The question remains would you buy one in a bold primary colour or go for the raw metal finish??


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