String of Babies by Daniel Edwards

string of babies daniel edwards

String of Babies by Daniel Edwards

String of Babies by Daniel Edwards

Guy Hepner Editions announces the release of Daniel Edwards latest work of art, “String of Babies”. Depicting Octo-mom herself with tentacles, in place of her body, appropriately holding a string of 8 babies, as well as a baby bottle. The rubber collectible shows Octo-Mom embracing the world’s only surviving set of octuplets, which fits into the pattern of Edward’s works which take controversial media topics and present them in the form of art in a playful way. Daniel Edward’s feels that Octo-Mom is deserving in a way of attention she has received from the world, saying “I think the world is in desperate need of a maternal figure who is exclusively devoted to being a mother. There is something almost religious and pure about her in that way.”

“String of Babies” is available for purchase through the Guy Hepner website exclusively. 9 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter, made of flexible polyurethane material. It is an edition of 200, signed and numbered by the artist with publisher’s certificate of authenticity. The first 50 are available for the pre publication figure of $199. After this the piece will be $499.


One response to “String of Babies by Daniel Edwards

  1. Rubber, Ha! I get it. Maybe I don’t.

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