Chiro, the feline muse of Nobuyoshi Araki

chiro Nobuyoshi Araki

Araki’s cat Chiro was the subject of hundreds of photos by the Japanese photographer – the significance of their relationship and the resulting work was explain by Araki himself when questioned about why he continued to take photos after Chiro’s death of her absense – “Chiro and I had been together ever since my wife, Yoko, passed away. Chiro used to come into my bedroom every morning to wake me up here (points at a photo of his bedroom door), and she used to drink water here while I was in the bath (points at a photo of the bathroom), but that’s all gone now. I wouldn’t call this a requiem for me or my work, but for Chiro, it might be. Perhaps it’s a requiem for Chiro and for analog photography.”

chiro Nobuyoshi Araki

chiro Nobuyoshi Araki


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