All rise for the new middleweight king Sergio Martinez

Sergio Martinez

In most respected 2010 boxing reviews the fighter that came out of top was the Argentinean Sergio Martinez, all this from a fighter that never laced a glove on until the age of 20 (ancient in boxing terms).

Martinez accomplished his rise to the top of the middleweight pile with a crushing KO of Paul “the punisher” Williams – see the video below.

It was the kind of finish that requires no explanation, no scorecards or judges. With it Martinez added to a trio of fights inside a calendar year that propelled him into the boxing elite. This started with a debatable loss to the same Paul Williams he would crush at the end of the same year and the pumling of Kelly Pavlik to take the WBC and WBO Middleweight titles.

Martinez has the world at his feet as 2011 starts. He begins with a fight for the WBC Diamond Belt against Sergiy Dzinziruk. He is expected to win this conclusively and judging by recent training footage (see videos on this post) he looks in tip top shape to do just that.

To update this post with the outcome of the Martinez vs Dzinziruk fight, check this HBO highlight video out to see just how amazing Martinez was on the night:



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