Thomas Grünfeld’s Misfits

Thomas Grünfeld misfits

Artist Thomas Grünfeld’s ‘Misfits’ is a series of taxidermy specimens of multiple species reconfigured according to the artist’s imagination. At Galerie Jousse Seguin three of these ‘still lives’ are displayed in a glass case. Grünfeld’s creatures, rather than raising issues of visual perception or the politics of style, make reference to a popular storytelling tradition from southern Germany – the politics here are symbolic. Called wolperfinger, the stories tell of improbable animals with human traits. Like most folk tales, they are moralistic; suggesting that Grünfeld’s strange pets are meant to put us face to face with our principles. By manipulating Mother Nature, in the form of antlered animals with webbed feet or furry specimens with wings, Grünfeld seems to wander into a dialectic territory: the real versus the imaginary and, perhaps, eventually good versus evil.

Thomas Grünfeld misfits


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