Lima! curated by Mario Testino

Lima Mario Testino

Arriving the post yesterday was my long awaited copy of Mario Testino’s epic homage to the city of Lima. Testino explains the motivation behind the book “I searched for years for a book about Lima because I wanted to show people that Peru is not only about the Andes and llamas. For me, the magic of Lima is in its mix, and I wanted to find a book that reflects its amazing diversity. One of the great pleasures of returning to Lima as an adult has been discovering contemporary Peruvian artists, whose work shares common themes to do with exploring national consciousness. I decided to incorporate their work in a book along side images that represent the Lima that I know today, as well as the Lima that resides in my memory—from growing up there in the ‘70s. I am particularly thankful to all the artists whose work appears in this book because not only did I discover many things through them, but I also realized that my sense of aesthetics is part of a collective one; one rooted in my city. I hope this book serves to help people discover how fabulous Lima is.”

Testino definitely captures the essense of Lima in this book.

Lima Mario Testino

Double page spread from Lima book


One response to “Lima! curated by Mario Testino

  1. Zancudo Electrico

    La foto de la novia es la mas chistosa!

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