Porcelain to blow your mind – Lladró’s Fantasy Collection by Jamie Hayon

OK let’s get this out the way early – I hate porcelain. I have no interest in it whatsoever and have for many years regarded 99% of it to be nothing other than kitsch trash. That all changed on a walk through Selfridges lower ground floor a few months back. There on a plinth sat something that blew my mind.

The Family Portrait, designed by Jamie Hayon for LLADRO

The piece in question was ‘The Family Portrait’. This is about as far removed from the porcelain vase your grandmother kept some flowers in as you can get. It’s strikingly modern and beautifully executed. These pieces are reminiscent of Jeff Koons’ sculptures, Picasso harlequin paintings and a cannon of other references.

The Fantasy Collection is full of oddly dramatic pieces – see the full collection here

One of the other highlights is Lover’s Garden:


Am I a porcelain convert…not quite yet but these pieces are definitely on the wish list..


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