Polar bear taxidermy

stuffed polar bear

Stuffed polar bear from Deyrolle, Paris

Top on my list of taxidermy purchases – well ones that I currently can’t afford anyway, is a polar bear. Ethically sourced, vintage and a couple of hundred years old (although in perfect condition) of course.

For interior design impact there isn’t much that could compare with the sight of a polar bear on its hind legs in your hallway or bay window.

polar bear

Polar bear in private collection, previously from Fox's Mints

This example for instance hails from Fox’s Mints and now resides (you can sense my envy) in a private house.

The history of stuffed polar bears is checkered certainly – in this Telegraph article a polar bear which became the symbol of Fox’s Glacier mints has been put on display at a museum after more than 40 years hidden from view.

For those seeking one of their own a good piece in fine condition can go for anything from £10 – 25k upwards. If you have one do get in touch.


2 responses to “Polar bear taxidermy

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  2. Jeffrey Amarualik

    i am selling a 10feet 5inch polarbear hide located in canada, resolutebay nu, email me at jnamarualik@hotmail.com or call me at 8672523050

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