Zebra leg lamp

zebra leg lamp

Its arrived! After purchasing a vintage zebra leg lamp on ebay a while ago and using it as a bedside lamp, I set my mind to finding one to match. Not an easy task as it turned out.

My quest set me on a journey till I found Scott Rice of Rice’s Taxidermy in the USA. Scott worked his magic and yesterday I collected the finished lamp.


6 responses to “Zebra leg lamp

  1. Ashley Yakeley

    A Major Award!

  2. Hi there, I have always been pretty fascinated by taxidermy…in college I went for a day to watch a taxidermist at work, here in Kent. That branch doesn’t exist anymore, but it was a very interesting, quiet day. I don’t feel like I could have that kind of work in my house though. I was just reading your blog and I wondered if you’d ever been to Jamaica Inn in Cornwall. It has a small collection of bizarre little taxidermy scenes. I haven’t been there for years, but I did find this short blog about it, which shows some pics of the tableux of kittens and squirrels… B x

  3. Ah reading the blog, it seems the tableus are in another location. x

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