Taxidermy Capuchin monkey‏ with a necklace

A proverb one said ‘a good monkey is hard to find’, actually I just made that up for the sake of context. A good taxidermy monkey is hard to find though and this wonderful Capuchin monkey is quite special indeed.

The costume is rather intriguing, according to the Denver History museum – where its current owner took it for some professional inspection after being discovered wrapped in newspaper in an attic – the necklace is made up of toxic seeds likely to have come from Brazil.

This fine monkey is for sale too. If you are interested get in touch via the comment feature below and I will put you in touch with the seller.

Capuchin monkey‏

Capuchin monkey‏

Capuchin monkey‏


3 responses to “Taxidermy Capuchin monkey‏ with a necklace

  1. Is this still for sale?

  2. hi names luke how much is the capuchin monkey going for?as i wish to buy it?

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