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Fresh Takashi Murakami work in progress – Kaikai Kiki in action

Thanks to the beauty of twitter, we have a sneak peek into the studio of Takashi Murakami and a piece currently being finished off. You can follow Murakami’s photo stream here: Advertisements

Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd – labels

Great label that came with my extra large Takashi Murakami cushion!

Kaikai Kiki – Japan’s version of a Warhol art factory

Just what is Kaikai Kiki, well in the words of its creator and founder Takashi Murakami its “an internationally-recognized, large-scale art production and artist management corporation, employing over 100 people in its offices and studios in Hiroo, Tokyo and Long … Continue reading

Takashi Murakami’s animated film, Kaikai & Kiki

Project KO2 – free miniature Takashi Murakami sculpture.

If you attend the current Takashi Murakami exhibition at the Gagosian gallery in London you will have the chance to grab yourself a piece of art in the form of a Kaikai Kiki edition paper creation. The Guardian coverage is … Continue reading

Takashi Murakami at the Gagosian gallery Britannia Street, Kings Cross

If your in London currently you simply have to go to the Gagosian gallery and see the new Taskahi Murakami exhibition. The Gagosian gallery sets it up like this: I think the Japanese male sexual complex originated in the two-dimensional … Continue reading

Murakami at Versailles

A seemingly odd paring – Takashi Murakami and the Versailles Palace, but from the photos here I think it works. Murakami himself sets it up: “For a Japanese like me, the Château de Versailles is one of the greatest symbols … Continue reading

Flower cushions Murakami style

Takashi Murakami soft furnishings!

Tattooed Deer

Prize winner Ayumu Iwamura’s tatooed deer on display at the Takashi Murakami’s Kaikai Kiki  Nakano Broadway gallery.

The world of Mr.

Hailing from the Kaikai Kiki collective – the ‘factory’ created by Japanese superstar artist Takashi Murakami, Mr. is a young Japanese artist who has gradually been moving out of the shadow of his mentor. As an exemplar of such Japanese … Continue reading