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Mario Testino monkeys


What’s new pussycat? Mario Testino

Father and son, Mario Testino.

Taken in Cuzco, Peru. From the Any Objections? book.

Lima! curated by Mario Testino

Arriving the post yesterday was my long awaited copy of Mario Testino’s epic homage to the city of Lima. Testino explains the motivation behind the book “I searched for years for a book about Lima because I wanted to show … Continue reading

Mario Testino edition, Kate Moss in the Blue Cafe 2005

Mario Testino has not only created iconic portraits of society’s most well-known figures, but has been a driving force in the creation of the cult of celebrity. Testino acts from a position of being as much a part of the … Continue reading

Rio! Mario Testino

Models, Vogue and sex – the world of Mario Testino

One of fashion’s most sought–after (and highest-paid) photographers, Mario Testino moved to London from Peru in 1976 and made his name in British, American, French and Italian Vogue and Vanity Fair.  His photos ooze, glamour, colour, latin heat and carnal … Continue reading

Easter bunny Testino style