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Aliens, spacemen, spiders and monkeys – Peru’s Nazca Lines

Waiting out in the middle of the Nazca desert in Peru, etched into the sand and rock in place where it has never rained are something awe-inspiring and unexplained.   Images of spacemen, monkeys, spiders, cactus’ and birds rise out of … Continue reading

Up close and personal with the hairless dogs of Peru

There are many experiences to be found in Peru for even the most seasoned and cynical amongst us, food poisoning being undoubtedly my most visceral and recurrent. While Machu Pichu steals all the column inches in every tourists guide-book there … Continue reading

Father and son, Mario Testino.

Taken in Cuzco, Peru. From the Any Objections? book.

Lima! curated by Mario Testino

Arriving the post yesterday was my long awaited copy of Mario Testino’s epic homage to the city of Lima. Testino explains the motivation behind the book “I searched for years for a book about Lima because I wanted to show … Continue reading

Guy Bourdin Polaroids

While perusing the shelves in the Helmut Newton Foundation shop in Berlin yesterday I came across a book of Guy Bourdin’s Polaroids. I couldn’t bear to part with the 60 euros so instead here are few examples:

Amor mio

Although picked up in a market in Peru, this is actually Mexican papier-mâché.


c. 1200 – 1400 This preserved mummy, a member of the Chimu culture that flourished from around 1100 until it was absorbed into the Inca civilisation in the late 1400s, is from the north coast of Peru. On burial, the … Continue reading

Inca elongated skull

Penis jugs

Skeletons, skulls and Franciscan monks

Lurking under the San Francisco Monastery in Lima, Peru is one of the finest collections of skulls and bones to be found! Originally constructed in 1546, it is one of the oldest churches in South America. It also served as … Continue reading