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Cactus and POM, Takashi Murakami’s Twitter Photo

Following Takashi Murakami on Twitter @takashipom can bring you lots of cool info and updates, although often a blank tweet is all you get! For a condensed view try his Twitter log page and use a Japanese translator. Doing just that … Continue reading

Project KO2 – free miniature Takashi Murakami sculpture.

If you attend the current Takashi Murakami exhibition at the Gagosian gallery in London you will have the chance to grab yourself a piece of art in the form of a Kaikai Kiki edition paper creation. The Guardian coverage is … Continue reading

Takashi Murakami at the Gagosian gallery Britannia Street, Kings Cross

If your in London currently you simply have to go to the Gagosian gallery and see the new Taskahi Murakami exhibition. The Gagosian gallery sets it up like this: I think the Japanese male sexual complex originated in the two-dimensional … Continue reading

Takashi Murakami and Google team up for logo on search page

Today all over Google homepage is the product of a great collaboration between Takashi Murakami and the Search giant – First day of summer by Takashi Murakami 2011. Check it out here: If your new to Takashi Murakami check out … Continue reading

New Takashi Murakami paintings for Art Basel shown on Twitter

For the keen observers of Takashi Murakami’s twitter feed @takashipom there has been a recent surge in photos of wonderful new paintings. I believe these are destined for the international art show Art Basel. For those unable to make it to … Continue reading

Fresh Takashi Murakami work in progress – Kaikai Kiki in action

Thanks to the beauty of twitter, we have a sneak peek into the studio of Takashi Murakami and a piece currently being finished off. You can follow Murakami’s photo stream here:

Takashi Murakami on Twitter, new work too

Check out his Twitter activity here What do you think of his new painting? I think its great!

Takashi Murakami in Louis Vuitton Stores

Brand partnerships are the advertising agencies dream – stitching together the cold hard world of commerce with an arty, trendy brand is the Holy Grail if done correctly. The partnership between Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton is something dreams are … Continue reading

Mr. Dob, Takashi Murakami’s big soft toy

Toys dont come much bigger or better than Mr. Dob, Takashi Murakami’s great creation. Baltic has these directly imported in for Japan. Get them while they are hot.

Takashi Murakami cushions

Flower cushion designed by Takashi Murakami, now rarer than rare. Beware of ebay fakes if you want to buy one. A trip to Japan might be necessary to secure a genuine piece of pop art furnishing…