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The shock of the new – Adrian Ghenie

It’s not often I see something I like, no really that’s actually true. A huge amount of contemporary art is at best forgettable and at worse just plain bad. 

So walking into the Haunch of Venison gallery off Piccadilly last July imagine my glee at finding in the upper galleries perhaps the best modern painting I have seen in a very long time. 

The artist responsible was Adrian Ghenie. The Haunch of Venison’s summary works well enough on its own I think so here it is: 

The work of Romanian painter Adrian Ghenie demonstrates an enduring fascination with European history, addressed through ideas relating to memory, trauma and extremism in the Twentieth century.

Here is a small selection of his work:

ADRIAN GHENIE The Blue Rain, 2009

The Blue Rain, 2009

adrian ghenie untitled, 2009

Untitled, 2009

ADRIAN GHENIE Pie Fight Study 4, 2008

Pie Fight Study 4, 2008

adrian ghenie dada is dead study acrilic and collage on paper 52x42 cm 2009

Dada is dead study, 2009

adrian ghenie duchamp, 2009

Duchamp, 2009