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The violent life of Carlos Monzón

Carlos Monzon

Carlos Monzon

Many accolades surround the life and actions of Carlos Monzón, the third best middleweight of all time, wife beater and murderer being just three. The Argentine boxing legend led a roller coaster existence parallel in recent years by other boxers – most notably Edwin Valero.

Born into intense poverty in San Javier, Argentina Monzón was discovered hanging around the famed Luna Park by trainer Amilcar Brusa. Monzón shocked the boxing world when he won the World Middleweight championship from Nino Benvenuti. At this time Monzón was virtually unknown outside of Argentina.

Carlos Monzon

While his boxing career went from strength to strength – he knocked up a career record of 100 fights, 89 wins, 59 wins by KO, only 3 losses and 9 draws. Monzón’s darker side began to surface – the first real hint came in 1973 when he was shot in the leg by his wife. Then (while he was still married) he began a relationship with the actress Susana Giménez, and was accordingly hounded by the paparazzi. Monzón even starred in nine feature films with Giménez – including the no doubt forgettable but wonderfully titled ‘El Macho’. Rumours of domestic abuse circled and evident bruises to the face of Giménez did little to stem the interest. The Paparazzi themselves suffered – several were hospitalised at the hands of Monzón.

As a backdrop to this turmoil, Monzón actually had some of his most defining fights – the two 1976 clashes with fellow Middleweight champion Rodrigo Valdez show just what a great Monzón was – see this excerpt from their second fight:

Retirement saw the violence once again turn from the ring to those around Monzón. After remarrying and again facing likely rumours of continued domestic assault, Monzón took things further.  In 1988, he allegedly beat his wife Alicia Muñiz so many times that she, scared and bloody, ran to the balcony of their second floor apartment. According to the investigation performed later, he followed her there, grabbed her by the neck, and then picked her up and pushed her off the balcony, to her death, after which he followed her in the fall injuring a shoulder.

The final act in his spirraling life came in 1995 when on a weekend furlong from prison Monzón car sped out of control and he crashed near the prison grounds, dying instantly. Monzón is buried at Cementerio Municipal de Sante, in Santa Fe, Argentina. A life-size figure of Monzon, wearing his championship belt, with his hands raised in victory, stands atop his grave


Edwin Valero murdered by police?

Edwin Valero

Edwin Valero

Its is being reporting in the media in Venezula that the body of Edwin Valero is being exhumed on the suspicion that he was murdered in his cell, and possibly by police.

Boxingscene broke the story as follows:

The murder investigation of Edwin Valero has begun in Caracas, Venezuela. The family of Valero requested the exhumation of his body because they suspect the fighter may not have committed suicide and was strangled to death by police officers. Prosecutor Jesus Belucchi told the press a forensic investigation to determine Valero’s death will take place.

Valero was arrested on April 18 for the murder of his wife, Jennifer Carolina, in a hotel located in the city of Valencia. Valero took his own life the following morning in a jail cell in Carabobo. The head of the CICPC (Office of Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations), Wilmer Flores, told the press Valero hung himself using his pants.

Valero’s wife was found dead in a hotel room in Valencia with three stab wounds. Valero made a confession to the murder shortly after it happened. He was taken, without incident, to a police station in Carabobo but during his interview with police officers he claimed to have passed out from a combination of drugs and alcohol and woke up to his wife in a pool of blood. He said there were thugs following him and his wife earlier that night.

Edwin Valero's funeral

Edwin Valero's funeral

No murder weapon has been recovered and police are not exactly sure as to how the wife was killed. There are lingering questions from Valero’s family and hundreds of fans in Venezuela, about the lack of prison guards on duty when Valero committed suicide and how nobody knew he was hanging in his cell until other prisoners alerted the guards. Valero still had vital signs when he was cut down but he died shortly after.

Edwin Valero documentary

Profile of boxer Edwin Valero as he approached his 2006 title fight with Vicente Mosquera. Includes interviews and sparring footage.

With the hindsight of recent events it makes for sad viewing perhaps, Valero had real raw talent – devasting power as you see from the sparring.

I think his trainer sums it up in the interview when he says Valero was a “street kid, a gang fighter”, unfortunately that mentality followed him into this personal life and had tragic consquences.

Edwin Valero commits suicide in prison

 Edwin Valero Suicide

It is being reported by the Associated Press that Edwin Valero has committed suicide in prison while awaiting charges for murdering his wife:

CARACAS, Venezuela — Former boxing champ Edwin Valero committed suicide in his jail cell on Monday just hours after he was arrested in his wife’s killing, police said.

The former lightweight champion used his own clothes to hang himself in his cell early Monday, Venezuelan Federal Police Chief Wilmer Flores told reporters. He said Valero tied his clothes to a cell bar to hang himself.

He said Valero was found by another inmate, who alerted authorities in the police lockup in north-central Carabobo state. Valero still showed signs of life, but they were unable to save him, Flores said.

The 28-year-old was detained Sunday on suspicion of killing his wife, the gravest in a string of problems that had threatened to derail his career. Prosecutors said Sunday night that they had planned to charge Valero in the killing.

Valero ‘admits’ murder to police

Edwin Valero

Edwin Valero

Fightnews.com reports:

Wilmer Flores Trosel, CICPC director, has announced that lightweight world champion Edwin Valero admitted guilt in the murder of his wife early this morning in Valencia, Venezuela. According to police, Mrs. Valero had three stab wounds on different parts of her body. The wounds were not deep and police didn’t find a knife or razor in the room. Investigators hypothesize that the crime occurred during a fight. The couple had checked into the hotel at around 11:30PM last night. At about 5:30AM, Valero went to the hotel lobby and confessed to hotel staffers, who called police. Valero was taken into custody without incident.

The final chapter? Valero arrested for murdering his wife

Edwin Valero

In yet another dramatic twist in the life of Edwin Valero, Fightnews.com has just reported that he is now under arrest for murdering his wife:

WBC lightweight champion in recess Edwin Valero was arrested this morning by Carabobo State Police on suspicion of murdering his wife Yennifer Carolina. According to the CICPC (Office of Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations) Mrs. Valero died of multiple stab wounds and that Valero is the alleged perpetrator of the act. The incident occurred at a hotel in the city of Valencia. Valero, after being apprehended, was taken to the General Command of the Police of Carabobo.

The relationship between Valero and his wife was troubled and darkened by numerous scandals involving alleged physical abuse, although Mrs. Valero never denounced her husband, nor pressed charges. There were plans for Valero to go to Cuba to undergo rehab for alcohol problems. He has also been seeing a psychologist.

Police, car chases and Cuba – another day in the life of Edwin Valero

Edwin Valero

According the Fightnews.com (my favorite boxing site) Edwin Valero’s soap opera life recorded yet another episode:

Unbeaten two-division world champion Edwin Valero was involved in a traffic accident and a police chase on Friday in Mérida, Venezuela. There were no injuries but Valero, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, fled the scene of the accident. He was taken home by police. He later said that he fled because he felt harassed by the media and the general public. “I reacted as anyone reacts to this situation,” he stated. The champ promised to take care of the expenses of the other driver. Valero had been scheduled to leave later that day to Cuba with his wife, two children, trainer Mario Morales and adviser Segundo Lujano, where he would begin a rehabilitation program after recognizing his problems with alcohol and drugs. He had just been released Thursday after 14 days of rehab following another incident. Authorities are now reconsidering whether or not they should send Valero to Cuba for further rehab.

Whats next you might wonder? I will keep you posted!