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BAST Humpty print



New Faile print – Fashion Chimps NYC

Fastest fingers first for this new Faile print – Fashion Chimps NYC.

The Papermonsters blurb on the new print is as follows:

This brand new print from the guys at Faile was a long time in the making, and it shows.  Based on a piece from their 2010 show at Perry Rubenstein Gallery, this 25 color screenprint is done in their recent “block” style which gives the illusion of its 3D sister from the show.

At $800 its something of a bargain and still available at time of posting here

Fashion Chimps NYC faile

Fashion Chimps NYC faile


Acrylic and Ink on Coventry Rag 290 gsm Paper, Deckled Edges
Dimensions: 36 x 47.5 Inches (91 x 121cm)
Signed, Stamped & Numbered 2011

Un buste superbe by BAST

I love BAST‘s work – its been a bit quiet on the print front but with a newly formed blog (check it out here) I have a feeling we may be hearing more from BAST.

As a tease this piece ‘Un buste superbe’ is on the blog, check it out and let me know what you think:

un buste superbe

Faile Puzzle Boxes

faile puzzle box

Hot off the Faile presses is this new release – but what exactly is a Faile Puzzle Box I hear you cry, here Faile explain it all:

Faile Puzzle Boxes are original works of art created to be viewed, touched, abstracted and played with. Each puzzle is made up of 88 six-sided wooden blocks that can be flipped and moved to create new images and compositions.

faile puzzle box

As you would expect from any Faile release these boxes are items of wonder, beauty and lust.  With a single box going for approximately $16,000 their  iphone App – available here – may be the best bet.

For those wanting more and a chance to play (digitally) with a Puzzle Box themselves, check out the official website here

Faile’s Bronze Scuba Horse for sale!

faile horse bronze scuba diving

One to watch or buy if you have a spare $12,000, Faile’s Bronze Scuba Horse is now for sale. These are jewelry cast bronzes from the renowned Raneri Sculpture Cast foundry. A solid investment and frankly gorgeous too!

Bronze Scuba Horse faile

Faile, Star Spangled Shadows on Wood

faile Star Spangled Shadows on WoodThese are a small set of works featuring the Faile Flag. Three wooden palettes are conjoined within a steel frame to make up the flag image.  All sides (top, bottom, left, right) are printed individually with Faile typography and patterns, and the wood is treated with a weathered patina. The steel frame is welded with “FAILE” and “1986” on respective sides.20 Unique Works.

faile Star Spangled Shadows on Wood

Acrylic and Silkscreen Ink on Wood in Steel Frame.
Dimensions: 20 1/4 x 36 1/4 x 3 Inches.
Signed Faile 2011.

$9,000.00Buy now

Tiger’s head and Faile

Tiger taxidermy and faile

My latest acqusistion up and looking rather good I think!