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Models, Vogue and sex – the world of Mario Testino

One of fashion’s most sought–after (and highest-paid) photographers, Mario Testino moved to London from Peru in 1976 and made his name in British, American, French and Italian Vogue and Vanity Fair. 

His photos ooze, glamour, colour, latin heat and carnal delights.

Mario Testino Amber Rio de Janeiro 1997 

Mario Testino Rio de Janeiro 

Mario Testino Kate Moss 

Mario Testino 

Mario Testino Rio de Janeiro 

Mario Testino Kate Moss 

Mario Testino

Mario Testino


Bailey’s Box of Pin-Ups and the invention of cool

“Regrets I’ve had a few” Frank Sinatra and Sid Vicious once sang (although not together) and I know how they felt. 

One that haunts me in particular was not bidding on a set of David Bailey’s 1964 Box of Pin-Ups at Sotheby’s some years ago – oh to have my time all over again…I would have sold the clothes off my back and more besides to have them!

What makes this box of photos so special I hear you ask?

In the 36 portraits that compromise the Box of Pin-Ups Bailey well and truly captured the zeitgeist of the swinging sixties. Shot on blank white backgrounds the photos are both effortlessly cool and enigmatic.

Here are some of the best from the Box of Pin-Ups and one of two extra Baily photo’s thrown in for good measure….enjoy:

Mick Jagger shot by David Bailey - Box of Pin-Ups 1964

Jane Birkin shot by David Bailey bromide print, March 1969

Kray twins shot David Bailey bromide print, April 1965

David Bailey Box of Pin Ups 1964

Michael Caine shot by David Bailey Box of Pin-Ups 1965

Sex, cartoons and superflat. How Takashi Murakami became Japan’s answer to Andy Warhol

Murakami Louis Vuitton

Takashi Murakami Louis Vuitton design

Think you don’t know Takashi Murakami, think again.  

His collaboration with fashion house Louis Vuitton for a range of handbags and wallets became some of the most counterfeited fashion products in the world – the best gauge of the public’s hunger for a product. If you’re a fan of Kanye West have another look at his album covers.  

With Murakami’s marriage of high and low art, commercialism and a Warhol ethos of factory production, he is often the target of critics that point to a cynical manipulation of low culture in his work.  

Takashi Murakami Hiropon

Takashi Murakami standing with his work Hiropon

The prices his work features speak for themselves though – in May 2008 “My Lonesome Cowboy” (1998), a sculpture of a masturbating boy, sold for $15.2 million at a Sotheby’s auction. His work is coveted across the globe and his grand exhibition at the MOCA gallery in LA last year reportedly sold $4 million worth of limited edition prints from the galleries boutique shop – situated in the main gallery itself – perhaps Murakami’s tongue in cheek reference to the dialogue on the commercial aspect of his work?  

Time magazine has rated him in their power 100 for the last 2 years – he is the only visual artist to feature on the list.  

Check out the video from the Japanorama series on Murakami: