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Jackie Blue Eyes

Diamond dust print by Gavin Turk



Gavin Turk right hand and forearm

gavin turk right hand and forearm

Gavin Turk right hand and forearm

Edition of 10
Silkscreen on paper
68 x 86 cms

A silkscreen of the artists right arm in a large glass science beaker.

Gavin Turk takes the biscuit

gavin turk biscuit

A Gavin Turk from my own collection here, dating back to way back when in 2006.

How to impersonate Elvis, Che Guevara, Andy Warhol and Sid Vicious…the art of Gavin Turk

Ever wanted to dress up like Elvis, Andy Warhol or Sid Vicious? 

Gavin Turk’s done all three. 

Turk began bursted onto the art radar by exhibiting a  blue heritage plaque in his studio at the Royal College of Art, which said “Gavin Turk worked here, 1989-1991”. 

Gavin Turk Sculptor 

Cheeky perhaps? 

Turk’s work is full of wit and referential humour, cunningly done through paraphrasing already well-known works of art from the recent past. 

He also examines what the paraphernalia of ‘genius’ consists of – a signature; an identifiable style; a marketable identity. 

Gavin Turk Sid Vicious 

Gavin Turk warhol 

Gavin Turk 'Jackie Blue Elvis'

'Jackie Blue Elvis' Diamond Dust print

Gavin Turk In Memory of Silver Beuys 2004

Gavin Turk In Memory of Silver Beuys 2004

Gavin Turk Hasta La Victoria 2004

Gavin Turk Hasta La Victoria