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Wombwell’s Travelling Menagerie

Wombwell's Travelling Menagerie

George Wombwell Tomb, Highgate Cemetary, London


George Wombwell was a famous circus owner and exhibitor in Victorian England. With a taste for the sensational and the appetite of the masses. At the high of his success Wombwell had three menageries that traveled all around the country. He now spends his time in his tomb in Highgate cemetery, under a statue of his favorite lion Nero.


The grave of bare-knuckle boxing legend Thomas Sayers

thomas sayers grave highgate cemetary

The grave of Thomas Sayers, Highgate cemetary, London

Such was the public affection for Tom Sayers that when he died a procession of over 10,000 people followed his coffin to its final resting place in North London’s Highgate cemetary. There he lies in a tomb covered by a sculpture of his favorite dog.

He was the first ever” heavyweight title holder” and the last before the Queensberry rules were introduced, although due to the illegal nature of boxing in the 1800’s the rules were quite different to the sport of today.