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The Strong Man and the Crocodile





Fashion is littered with failure – those that tried and fell, never to reach the dizzy heights of an ad in Vogue or some other moment in the sun.

Go-sees are the first step on that uncertain path to fame and fortune – aspiring models are sent to photographers to see if they have the certain something.

Juergen Teller recorded a whole years worth of footfall at his London flat come studio here a few from the hundreds that believed enough to try:

Juergen Teller Go-Sees

Juergen Teller Go-Sees

Juergen Teller Go-Sees

Juergen Teller Go-sees

Snapshot glamour – do you know Juergen Teller?

German born, London-based fashion and art photographer Juergen Teller shoots the stars, fashion campaigns and the everyday. 

Here are just a few of his photos – I hope you like them: 

Juergen Teller Sophia Coppola 

Juergen Teller Bjork 

Juergen Teller Victoria Beckham 

juergen teller linda evangelista


juergen teller and son

The photographer and son