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Marc Quinn – Bronze Apple

marc quinn apple

Edition of 45
Chromed, colour cobalt plated and lacquered bronze
9 cm high x 7 cm wide

Get yours at? Well that would be telling.. 


Blood, deformity, marble and Marc Quinn

Marc Quinn’s work exists in the realm of the sensation. From his early work ‘Self’ (directly below) where he cast his head  from ten pints of his own blood, Quinn has provoked and simultaneously produced some of the most iconic British art in a range of mediums of the last twenty years.

Quinn’s public profile has been gradually rising – his intentionally controversial work ‘Alison Lapper Pregnant’ – a massive marble sculpture displayed on Trafalgar Squares fourth plinth certainly captured the popular zeitgeist and received massive attention in the press. This is art made for a wide audience, art that works on many levels. Perhaps thats whats needed in the days of pickled sharks, the bar has to be raised. Quinn certainly continues to step up to the plate. His latest exhibition is currently showing at the White Cube gallery Hoxton Square and is highly worth visiting if you get the chance. 

Marc Quinn 'Self' 1991

'Self' 1991

Marc Quinn 'Sphinx (Fortuna)' 2006

'Sphinx (Fortuna)' 2006

Marc Quinn 'Iceberg on Lake Tanganyika' 2008

'Iceberg on Lake Tanganyika' 2008

Marc Quinn 'Siren' 2008

'Siren' 2008

Marc Quinn 'Alison Lapper Pregnant' 2005

'Alison Lapper Pregnant' 2005