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Coney Island Monkey

monkey taxidermy


Fez wearing monkey from the 1900s

A taxidermy specimen of a capuchin monkey

This taxidermy specimen of a seated capuchin monkey from the-1900s holding
a pipe and a fez sold recently in an auction in New Orleans for the higher-than-expected amount of $3,840.

Monkeys with Masks



Another Albert Watson contact sheet, from New York, 1994.

Monkey with a gun


Albert Watson’s contact sheets are a fascinating departure from the traditional high fashion photography we are accustomed to seeing. Instead of the perfect image produced at the end of the arduous process, in the Contact Sheet series we are shown the work in progress, a patchwork quilt or time line of the creative process. The series exposes more of the personality of the sitter, the interplay between the different images allowing the viewer to make assessments the one final shot in isolation can never permit. In this case its a monkeys hand with a gun!

Digital c print photograph on paper
Signed and numbered on verso by Albert Watson