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Bome – Takashi Murakami’s anime porn sculptor

Bome is a legend. The japanese sculptor started out making figurines in seclusion before exploding onto the art scene in Takashi Murakami’s factory of artists Kakai Kiki.


In true Murakami style his work is as much about colossal unobtainable expensive sculpture as it is about $20 figurines available in toy stores, ebay and the mass market everywhere. Therein lies the brilliance.


As has been noted Bome’s work, like some of the anime on which it is based, often combines cute facial features with exaggerated sexual attributes such as large, gravity-defying breasts. Many figures are scantily clad or posed so that undergarments are visible. Occasionally, they may possess removable clothing which will expose knickers or bras. At least one figurine (Jungle Emi) was allegedly bare-breasted in its Japanese release; it was supposed to include a removable halter top bra in its worldwide release, however many disappointed fans found that the halter top is actually not removable. His latest (and possibly final) model in the Mon-Soeur BOME series, Akira from Sukapon-Do, is a rework of a model he previously did – with her breasts covered back up



The world of Mr.

Hailing from the Kaikai Kiki collective – the ‘factory’ created by Japanese superstar artist Takashi Murakami, Mr. is a young Japanese artist who has gradually been moving out of the shadow of his mentor. As an exemplar of such Japanese concepts as kawaii (cuteness) and lolicom (a shortened version of the English phrase Lolita Complex), Mr. is on one end of a spectrum of work, which Murakami has dubbed Superflat and whose other extreme encompasses cartoonish narratives, which lovingly describe the wreckage of nuclear apocalypses and violent cosmic battles.

Mr. The Boy Who Came to Ikebukuro, 2006

The Boy Who Came to Ikebukuro, 2006

Mr. v 2005

V, 2005

Mr. And then It's Kobe, 2003

And then It's Kobe, 2003

Mr. I have a headache ! Oh, 100 yen, 2002

I have a headache ! Oh, 100 yen, 2002

View of the exhibition - Little Boy The Arts of Japan's Exploding Subculture

View of the exhibition - Little Boy The Arts of Japan's Exploding Subculture

Kaikai Kiki – Japan’s version of a Warhol art factory

Just what is Kaikai Kiki, well in the words of its creator and founder Takashi Murakami its “an internationally-recognized, large-scale art production and artist management corporation, employing over 100 people in its offices and studios in Hiroo, Tokyo and Long Island City, New York, as well as in its new animation studio in Daikanyama, Tokyo”.

The artist’s making up this corporation are Takashi Murakami, Aya Takano, Chiho Aoshima, Mr., Chinatsu Ban, Rei Sato and Akane Koide. By far and away the most important feature is Murakami though – he sits atop of the pile like a guru in much the same way Warhol presided over his Factory in New York.

Check out some of Mr and Chiho Aoshima’s work below:

mr strawberry voice 2007

Mr. 'Strawberry Voice' 2007

mr starting over 2007

Mr. 'Starting Over'

chiho aoshima japanese apricot 3 - a pink dream

Chiho Aoshima 'Japanese apricot 3 - a pink dream'