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The perfect punch Volume 3 – the uppercut

Devastating when applied correctly, this punch is rightly the favorite of many boxing fans. 

Juan Manuel Marquez Juan-Diaz 

Juan Manuel Marquez used it to savage effect to close the show on Juan Diaz in their fight. Having dropped Diaz just earlier in the round, Marquez manoeuvred his man into position and used the punch that he knew would turn the lights out in his opponent – the uppercut! 

Some of the greatest and most aggressive forces in boxing like Mike Tyson and Roberto Duran can be remembered for their spectacular use of the uppercut. 

Juan Manuel Marquez vs Juan Diaz uppercut

Juan Manuel Marquez vs Juan Diaz

Watch how Marquez uses it and what it does to Diaz in this video:  


The perfect punch Volume 2 – left hook to the body

My personal favorite punch in boxing – the left hook to the body. Sometimes known as the left to the liver this is a punch that if applied correctly is a show stopper.

Hatton Castillo

Ricky Hatton delivers a left hook to the liver

Pioneered by latin fighters who favour body punches – that weaken and drain an opponent, the left hook to the body is a classic but a hard punch to land to perfection as it relies on pin point accuracy, foot work and power all combined in an instant.

Ricky Hatton delivered such a punch in his fight with Mexican Jose Luis Castillo. The Hitman Hatton – known as the Manchester Mexican for his love of body punches destroyed Castillo in the 4th round of their Vegas fight on June 23, 2007 with the left hook to the liver – the perfect punch as it was called afterwards.

Hatton Castillo

Hatton's Perfect Punch

Bob Arum the legendary boxing promoter said after the fight  “In 42 years of boxing, I’ve seen that punch land maybe 5 times”.

This punch is a show stopper, Castillo said he was unable to breath after it. One look at his face tells you just how potent the effect is.

Watch for yourselves the full 4th round of Hatton Castillo and see the work that goes into positioning the punch – its no lucky shot!