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Mannequin group – Lima

mannequin group


Blue Dust – Mannequin no 2


Blue Dust - Polvos Azules Shopping Mal, Lima Peru

Groupo 5

groupo 5

Guinea pig plays the pan pipes

guinea pig plays pan pipes

Inca Cola Guinea pigs

inca cola guinea pig peru

inca cola guinea pig peru

Aliens, spacemen, spiders and monkeys – Peru’s Nazca Lines

Waiting out in the middle of the Nazca desert in Peru, etched into the sand and rock in place where it has never rained are something awe-inspiring and unexplained.
Images of spacemen, monkeys, spiders, cactus’ and birds rise out of the desert – but only viewable from the small Cessna planes that transport tourists around this area (and occasionally crash!).
nasca spaceman

Nasca 'spaceman'

Conjecture is rife amongst historians about who is responsible for these amazing sights – what is perhaps most surprising is that no one really knows who or what made these images. Obviously the Inca Nazca people could have made them – but without planes or means to fly how would they know what they were carving in the desert sand and rock? 

Monkey Nazca Line


Whatever is responsible for the Nazca lines it is the arid climate of the area – with minimal wind erosion and total lack of rain fall that means they have been preserved perfectly for thousands of years. 

Spider Nazca Line


The scale of the different objects is hard to imagine from photos – the largest of the lines of over 200 metres in size. 

So next time your flying over the deserts of Peru pay attention to what might be underneath you!

Models, Vogue and sex – the world of Mario Testino

One of fashion’s most sought–after (and highest-paid) photographers, Mario Testino moved to London from Peru in 1976 and made his name in British, American, French and Italian Vogue and Vanity Fair. 

His photos ooze, glamour, colour, latin heat and carnal delights.

Mario Testino Amber Rio de Janeiro 1997 

Mario Testino Rio de Janeiro 

Mario Testino Kate Moss 

Mario Testino 

Mario Testino Rio de Janeiro 

Mario Testino Kate Moss 

Mario Testino

Mario Testino