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Sofasosexy – Rankin

For this deeply personal foray away from the unreal world of celebrity cover shoots and high-end image manipulation, it is fitting that Rankin chose the decidedly un-glam but universally familiar setting of a battered old sofa upon which to capture a characteristically honest and humorous study of sexual intimacy. Discarding their inhibitions, along with their underwear, some of the sexiest models and glamour girls on the planet willingly melded lips, lashes and cleavage with the seams and folds of the orange mock-leather sofa in Rankin’s old Dazed & Confused offices.



Rankin Eyescapes

rankin eyescapesThe acclaimed British photographer Rankin is known for his captivating photos of celebrities and nudes, but his Eyescapes are something else entirely.

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If David Bailey was the 60’s then Rankin was definitely the 90’s.

Co-founder of Dazed and Confused magazine, Rankin redefined sexy, edgy photography. His celebrity photographs abound but my favourite are his fashion shots – a selection of which are below:


Rankin 'Titilation' 2005

Rankin 'sofasoAnne' 2002


Rankin 'Sox 1' 1994

Rankin 'Irina camouflaged' 2006