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Mario Testino edition, Kate Moss in the Blue Cafe 2005

testino kate moss

Mario Testino has not only created iconic portraits of society’s most well-known figures, but has been a driving force in the creation of the cult of celebrity. Testino acts from a position of being as much a part of the social world he photographs as being its portraitist. Kate Moss continues to be one of Testino’s most frequent and favoured models, in part for her ability to convey something particularly English and for her unaffected beauty. His portrait ‘Kate in Blue Cafe’ (2005) is typical of Testino’s trademark style, being at once both disarmingly nonchalant yet highly posed. This limited edition print was published to coincide with the exhibition ‘Joshua Reynolds: The Creation of Celebrity’ at Tate Britain. If you managed to get hold of one at the time then you made a sound investment.

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Murderer, ex athlete and photographic pioneer Eadweard Muybridge

Eadweard Muybridge

Eadweard Muybridge around 1880

To give paint the picture of the life and times of Eadweard Muybridge there is no better story that a simple chronology of his life – one that reveals much about a man of many identities:

1830                       9th April, born in Kingston upon Thames, England.Christened Edward James Muggeridge.

Early 1850s-65   after arriving in America his names appears as both Muggride and Muygridge

From 1865           subsequently revised name to Muybridge

1868-72                publishes work under the professional name Helios

1875                       escaping after being acquitted for murder, moves to Central America and adopts the name Eduardo Santiago Muybridge

1881                       inspired by the names of Saxon kings on the coronation stone in Kingston, changed his first name to Eadweard

1883                       unspecified university apparently confers title of Professor Muybridge on him

1885-7                   in the prospectus of Animal Locomotion he identifies himself as ‘Model 95: an ex-athlete, aged about sixty’

1904                       final variant of his names appears on his memorial stone as Eadweard Muybridge

Gaugin in wood

paul gauguin, Woman with Mango Fruits, 1889

Woman with Mango Fruits, 1889

paul gaugin, Head with Horns, 1855-7

Head with Horns, 1855-7

 Of all the works on show at Tate Modern’s current Gaugin extravaganza, it is the wood work – ranging from sculptures, carvings that really interested me. A couple of examples from the exhibition are above.