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Errol Fuller, colletor of taxidermy profile video

Great video profile of the taxidermy collector Errol Fuller


Van Ingen – artists in taxidermy

The 2nd of a number of classic Van Ingen photos I will be posting. This one is from one of their promotional brochures.


Van Ingen Bear Lamps

A pair of fantastic Van Ingen bear lamps!


Squirrel wall light


Taxidermy Capuchin monkey‏ with a necklace

A proverb one said ‘a good monkey is hard to find’, actually I just made that up for the sake of context. A good taxidermy monkey is hard to find though and this wonderful Capuchin monkey is quite special indeed.

The costume is rather intriguing, according to the Denver History museum – where its current owner took it for some professional inspection after being discovered wrapped in newspaper in an attic – the necklace is made up of toxic seeds likely to have come from Brazil.

This fine monkey is for sale too. If you are interested get in touch via the comment feature below and I will put you in touch with the seller.

Capuchin monkey‏

Capuchin monkey‏

Capuchin monkey‏

Black rhinoceros foot coffee table

rhino foot coffee table

In my extensive trawling through sites and shops offering vintage taxidermy I have NEVER come across anything like this piece from the excellent Taxidermy Emporium:

A totally unique piece of modern taxidermy, Black rhinoceros foot coffee table, This is a one off items, top quality , very thick plate glass top in A1 condtion, You will not see another like this, Fantastic interior design piece, complete with Article 10 CITES documentation.

It can be yours – if I dont find the money first for £2750.

Van Ingen leopard head taxidermy

The latest addition to the family – a superb piece of vintage Van Ingen taxidermy. Van Ingen were the taxidermist of choice to India’s Raj in the 19th and early 20th century. This leopard head is actually mounted on a black mahogany wooded shield favored by Rowland Ward – England’s finest taxidermist of the same period.

Van Ingen trophy heads are easily identifiable for their trademark snarling expression and lifelike features. Hope you like it as much as I do.

leopard head van ingen

leopard head van ingen

van ingen leopard head